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Pure Juliana Mini Piglets

Ready to adopt a colorful spotted piggy? Check out our available Pure and Percentage Juliana Mini Piglets!

Rare Striped Mini Piglets

Perhaps you prefer stripes over polka dots! Feast your eyes on these rare beauties and adopt yours today!

Micro Mini Piglets

Black, pink. blue, grey, or a mix of different colors, these mini piglets are sure to win you over. Take a look at the sweet babies available now!

Types of Mini Pigs

Juliana Mini Pigs

Juliana Mini Pigs, the smallest breed of pig, are a pure breed and are specifically bred to a standard of size, weight, type, and temperament, similar to pure bred dogs. We work hard to meet and exceed the standard, unifying the traits of small size and fantastic temperaments to make these pigs excellent pets!

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Rare Striped Mini Pigs

The striped pattern on these little piggies is very beautiful and more rare than other colors. As they mature into adults, these piglets develop rich red, golden, amber, or mahogangy coats and the stripes slowly fade. All of our Striped piggies are at least 50% Juliana, so they are less variable in size than the Micro Mini Pigs.

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Micro Mini Pigs

Although not yet a standardized breed, breeders all over the country are working very hard to reduce and standardize the size, type, and temperament of these little cuties. They come in an array of fun colors and easily steal your heart!

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Current and Upcoming Litters

100% Pure Juliana Litter: Vladamir x Valentine

The mama pig, Valentine, is a registered Juliana with a pretty, light peach coat and black spots. She produces stunningly beautiful babies with excellent temperaments and cute spots! She was bred to Vladamir, our tiniest boar with blue eyes and a beautiful, light peach spotted coat and friendly temperament. The babies came out very tiny with cute features and wonderful black spotting on base coats of white, silver, peach, and red!

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Micro Mini, 37% Julianas: Petunia x Pumba

This is a great cross between our smallest Micro Mini female, Petunia, and our awesome striped and white boar named Pumba, who is 75% Juliana! These little beauties are expected to inherit a nice, small size, cute markings, and sweet, gentle temperaments!

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Rare Striped 100% Julianas: Sherlock x Amelia

Our sweet, blue-eyed mama, Amelia, had a nice litter of both striped and spotted 100% pure Juliana piglets! One blue-eyed girl is the absolute pick of the year! The dark striped boy is the only of his type this season. This is a very beautiful and colorful litter with really small babies!

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