Upcoming Litters

Below are the upcoming litters we have planned and/or are expecting soon! Each litter is carefully planned to produce the smallest, most beautiful piglets with the best temperaments possible. We sometimes hold back exceptional piglets in order to enhance our breeding program and improve our future litters, so those particular piglets won't be available for adoption, but you can reserve first available pick of the litter with a deposit.

Amelia & Nancy x Sherlock

We're very excited to see these two litters! Both moms are awesome and produce very small babies. Sherlock is the father, and we expect very high quality piglets with at least 1 or 2 breeding quality beauties! Expecting whites, silvers, and blues and maybe even some striped piglets if we're lucky!

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Vladimir x Pita

This will be our second litter with this pairing and we have very high hopes for the babies! Pita is our smallest sow and produces tiny babies that are mostly pink. Vladimir is our smallest boar and adds his great conformation and sweet temperament to the mix. These piggies will be smart, tiny, and have great coloring. Expecting pink, black, and possibly peach or red piglets and we'll likely be holding back at least 1 for future breeding!

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Vladimir x Valentine

Valentine is a wonderful mother with a sweet and patient personality that she passes on to her babies, along with beautiful peach & red coloring! Vladimir is a top quality, small boar who crosses very well with Valentine, lending his smaller size to complement her beauty. We're expecting exceptional color and personality from this litter. If we're lucky, we may even get a blue-eyed beauty!

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Penny x Pumba

Penny produces the prettiest piglets on the ranch and, paired with Pumba, will produce wonderfully colored, tiny piglets which will be 87% Juliana! Penny usually produces 1 or 2 breeding quality piglets in her litters. Expecting reds, peaches, silvers, and rare striped!

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