Piggy Parents

We are proud to present to you our excellent quality breeding pigs. These are the parents of our piglets and, more than that, they are members of our family! Each one was hand picked by us to produce the smallest, cutest, most well-mannered piglets possible and each one adds something special to our ranch and to our breeding program!

Sherlock - Juliana Boar

Sherlock Holmes, a 100% pure Juliana, is our main stud for spotted pigs. At 3 years old he stands 14 inches tall and weighs in at about 50lbs. He has a sweet, docile temperament and produces exceptionally beautiful babies with great color and nice spots!

Pumba - Striped Boar

Pumba is our beautiful 75% Juliana Striped boar that sires our amazing Rare Striped piglets with rich color and splashes of white. Pumba came from tiny parents and produces very tiny and very vividly striped babies! At 2yrs old, Pumba stands at 13.5" tall and weighs about 35lbs.

Valentine - Juliana Mama

Valentine, a 100% Juliana, is a very special pig! With her gentle, sweet, and loving temperament, she may be the best mom for producing great family pets. At over 2 years old, she stands 14" tall and weighs about 45lbs. She has a distinctive wavy coat and a funny, furry hat on the top of her head! She produces beautiful pink, peach, and red colors and is the best choice for cute, sweet pet piglets!

Nancy - Juliana Mama

Nancy Drew is the whole package and is a great, 100% Juliana mama pig! Her bone structure gives every indication that she will stay very small, she has a sweet, loving personality, and her spotting is just fantastic! She produces pink and colored babies and even carries the gene for rare striped piglets! At 2 years old, she stands 13 inches tall and weigh about 35lbs!

Paris - Juliana Mama

Paris is a lovely, lovely girl with nice silver-blue color and an abundance of spots! She is a great mom, a pleasure to be around, and produces some of the sweetest babies on the ranch! Paris is 100% Juliana, 5 years old, 15 inches tall, and weighs about 50lbs. 2016 will be her last year as a breeder on our ranch so that we can continue to improve our breeding lines.

Amelia - Juliana Mama

Amelia Earhart is a 100% Pure Juliana with a fun-loving attitude. We love her type, size, color, and beautiful blue eyes! At 2.5 years old, 13 inches tall, and 35lbs, Amelia is an awesome breeder and produces some of our smallest piglets. She passes on a loving temperament, tiny size, and her piglets mature into amazing pets!

Pita Pig - Juliana Mama

Pita Pig is the newest addition to our ranch! She's the smallest too, standing only 11" tall and weighing 25lbs at 2 years old! She is registered 75% Juliana (her babies will be registered as 100%). She is very intellignet and tends to lead the herd, despite her small size. She has great type, size and light spotting. We are very excited to meet her future loveable piglets and use her genetics to continue improving our lines!

Penny - Juliana Mama

Penny, a 100% pure Juliana is the leader of the herd and she takes her job very seriously. She carefully watches out for and protects all the other girls and is equally devoted to her own piglets. She produces some of the most beautiful striped and spotted babies and passes on her loyalty and tenderness. At 4 years old, Penny is 13.5 inches tall and weighs about 40lbs.

Petunia - Micro Mini Mama

Petunia is our lovely Micro Mini mama. She tends to be shy at first, but when she warms up, she is a real love! A wonderful mother, she tends to produce outgoing and sweet piglets that grow into fine family pets with super adorable markings! Petunia is 3.5 years old, stands 13 inches tall and weighs about 35lbs.